Clean Friday: Get To Know About Our Version Of Black Friday

Clean Friday: Get To Know About Our Version Of Black Friday

Clean Friday is Simple Organic’s exciting version of Black Friday. You can visit our website and enjoy our progressive sale during this special time. But that’s not all.

Clean Friday goes way beyond great bargains: it has a purpose. In today’s post, we’ll tell you all about the last sale of the year and how, behind the low prices, you will discover a positive impact.


As you might have guessed, Clean Friday comes from Clean Beauty.

As a Clean Beauty brand – the pioneering one in Brazil –all our actions are focused on sustainability, always striving to positively impact the world.

Buying can be a revolutionary act. Since our choices impact the future. Why not shop for things that are good for you and the planet? While we don’t fully endorse Black Friday due to its connection to rampant consumption, we dreamed up our own version, which is a much better fit with our brand’s DNA and initiatives. You can read about them below.


Clean Friday starts long before the official Black Friday sale. It starts when choosing our raw materials, which are natural, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. In fact, many of our ingredients are produced through sustainable management by extractive families in the Amazon.

We’re always looking for ways to recognize and encourage people who handle the precious resources from our biodiversity daily. An example is our RAW Oil line, composed of Andiroba, Copaiba, and Patawa (soon available in the US), extracted by Amazon communities. This process directly impacts numerous families, besides boosting the value chain of these raw materials.

Through a partnership with the Instituto Beraca, we also supported the construction of Oil Houses in the Amazon, a request from workers themselves to improve operations. And we follow the entire production process to certify that the extractivists have fair and adequate working conditions.


Ecologically correct packaging is as important as selecting clean raw materials. We always opt for glass or aluminum, which is highly durable and reusable, and green plastic, which is 100% recyclable.

We don’t employ double layers of plastic, which hinders recycling. Plus, our packages are effortlessly disassembled, making separating plastic waste easier for cooperatives. Moreover, your order won’t come wrapped in polystyrene. Instead, we include extruded corn.


This has yet to apply to the US. However, all our physical stores in Brazil have a reverse logistics system. Customers can return empty bottles of their favorite skincare items to us, and our team is in charge of the appropriate disposal.

Plus, we proudly carry our EuReciclo [I Recycle] label, a certification proving that we recycle the exact volume of packages we put in the market, thus neutralizing the environmental impact of your sales. You can learn more about all of our labels here.


In addition to neutralizing the packaging, we also neutralize the volume of CO2 emitted by our actions. CO2, a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming, is generated by our everyday activities and the activities of industries we depend on. That’s why it’s super important to implement initiatives that neutralize carbon and offset our environmental impact.

To properly undertake this task, we calculate the carbon emitted by our administrative centers, stores, production chain logistics, and trips by the team. 

And we often go beyond our own activities. We also sponsored the carbon offsetting of three global events: PatBo’s runway at New York Fashion Week SS24, the Brazil: Creating Fashion for Tomorrow exhibition at London Fashion Week SS24, and Tim Music Rio, Brazil’s largest free festival, which took place in Rio de Janeiro. To learn more about these initiatives, click here.


Clean Friday is the chance we found to democratize clean beauty, growing our community and bringing more people into the world of sustainability.

We offer a large variety of products that cover many stages of your self-care routine: face and body skincare, hair care, + more to come. And they are all part of this fantastic progressive sale.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy more and save more.


While this time of year is known for numerous sales that lead to rampant consumption and waste, Simple Organic’s Clean Friday works as a tool to spark conscious consumption, all through high-performance clean formulas that positively impact the planet.


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