Clean Beauty For Real: Understand The Movement That Revolutionizes Beauty

Clean Beauty For Real: Understand The Movement That Revolutionizes Beauty

Here at Simple Organic, we always talk about being a genuine Clean Beauty brand. We have carried clean beauty in our DNA since we were founded back in 2017. But after all, what actually is a Clean Beauty brand? What is the importance of this movement? Let us explain!


The term has various meanings and applications, but, in general, it consists in part of the beauty sector that values natural products, free of toxic and synthetic ingredients that can cause harm to the consumers' health and the planet.

In the last few years, because of the concern with the long-term consequences of products, be it in our health or the legacy we leave to our planet, Clean Beauty has been gaining ground among skincare and makeup lovers. Now, much more than just choosing a product, people worry about its origin: "What are the ingredients in the formula? Do they come from animals? How is the product's production chain? What's the company's position regarding socio-environmental issues?" These are some examples of questions raised by the Clean Beauty movement.


Despite Clean Beauty being a widely used term, even oftentimes misused for profit-only purposes, like the infamous greenwashing, we are proud to say we're real Clean Beauty. At Simple, sustainability is the driving force behind all of our actions.

Here, the definitions of Clean beauty transcend the products: we value transparency in every stage of our production chain, from developing formulas to disposing of packages after use. For us, it's about generating a positive impact on the planet through high-performance clean beauty.


All our physical stores in Brazil have a reverse logistics system for the packaging: you just take your empty containers to the Simple store closest to you, and we take care of it. For the cities without our physical stores, it's also possible to partake in reverse logistics; you only need to take the empty packaging to the nearest recycling location.

We offset the volume of packages sold since 2017, when we were the first beauty brand to receive the "Eu Reciclo" label [in English "I Recycle"], a Brazilian initiative that has been awarded around the world. The certification guarantees the recycling of 100% of the volume of materials in our packaging, reducing the impact generated by the consumption of our products.


Opposite to what people might think, synthetic raw materials are not the only ones banned from our products, like some Clean Beauty brands. We also prohibit inputs of animal origin or animal testing at any stage of their development, raw materials of questionable safety, and even some inputs of natural origin.


Industrial production is one of the primary sources responsible for carbon dioxide emissions, which causes the greenhouse effect and contributes to global warming. With this in mind, we developed a carbon offset plan, which compensates our CO2 emissions by planting trees. When purchasing on our Brazilian website, people have the option to neutralize the CO2 generated by their shipping by making a 1-real donation during checkout. This option will soon be available for our US customers!


Clean Beauty is a reflection of a generation concerned with its health and the future of the planet. In a world where people consume more frequently than the planet can absorb, it becomes vital to rethink our habits, and the start of your conscious consumer journey can be right here!

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