The emission of Greenhouse Gases, like carbon and methane, happens due to the industrial production chain, electrical energy consumption, the fuel burnt in transport. These gases spread through the atmosphere, causing a plethora of losses and damage to planet Earth, such as acidification of the soil and oceans, resulting in the loss of land and marine biodiversity.

At Simple Organic, we have a sustainability commitment to you and planet Earth. That is why we have developed the Carbon Neutralization plan for the whole logistic of our production chain.

What does it mean


It means that all gas emission
will be compensated through environmental attitudes promoted by us.
In other words, for each quantity of emitted gas, an equivalent number of trees will be planted to neutralize the generated pollution.

CO2 Neutralization


By neutralizing carbon, we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases emission through the preservation of our flora and fauna. This way, we
manage to improve soil fertility, generate a healthy hydrologic cycle, and multiple sources of food, fuel, and fiber production.

Do your part

Calculate your Carbon footprint and learn how to take day to day measures to reduce it.

What is it?


The Carbon footprint allows for the calculation od the damage caused by the activity od companies, countries and individuals to the environment, and in which way it is possible to compensate this impact to neutralize it.


Click here. Once on the website, click in “calculate my emissions”.

Select your residency state and answer the questions about your habits and routine.

Check out the quantity of CO2 you have generated during the year and compare it to the global average.

Finally, you decide if you want to buy “carbon credits” to compensate your individual
impact. This money is destined to conservation projects for the Amazon Forest.

Calculate here your CO2 footprint