NYFW: 5 Simple Organic Skincare Items Used In PatBo’s Runway

NYFW: 5 Simple Organic Skincare Items Used In PatBo’s Runway

As you well know by this point, this past Saturday, September 9th, we were alongside the only Brazilian clothing brand part of NYFW SS24, PatBo. We were responsible for the show’s skincare and neutralizing its carbon emissions, bringing both clean beauty and sustainability to the runway at New York Fashion Week.

But what does it mean to be responsible for the skincare anyway? Fair question. It means we provided all the products to prep the models’ skin. A step before makeup - which itself was provided by the iconic Brazilian brand Bruna Tavares.

Today, we will reveal the Simple products used in the event that presented PatBo’s SS24 collection.


NYFW 5 SIMPLE ORGANIC SKINCARE ITEMS USED IN PATBO RUNWAYWe already know how necessary daily skincare is to maintain a healthy skin. But do you realize the importance of skin prep for an easy-to-apply and long-lasting makeup?

Forget that dull look with makeup that wears off or creases. You need to start preparing your skin prior to putting on makeup.

Additionally, skincare helps treat your skin, keeping your pores from clogging. It consequently avoids pimples and blackspots the following days. 


NYFW 5 SIMPLE ORGANIC SKINCARE ITEMS USED IN PATBO RUNWAYHere is our runway-ready step-by-step - which you can use in your daily routine too!

  1. SIMPLE + NILMA MICELLAR WATER (soon available in the US): Cleansing your skin and removing impurities and makeup or sunscreen residues is crucial. Besides helping clean, our micellar water has skincare active ingredients, such as vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Prebiotics, and Remineralizing Complex. In other words, it’s a multifunctional product that can be utilized for different purposes. Spray it after completing your makeup to help it set and give a glowing effect, or use it to remove the makeup. Also try our Glycolic Acid Cleanser for deeper cleansing.
  2. GABA SERUM: After properly cleansing the skin, apply this Serum and notice the instant lifting effect. Ideal for those seeking an all-around product for their skincare routine. Our Serum makes the skin firmer, more hydrated, and luminous. And better yet, it can be used every day as a treatment for several long-term benefits. A well-deserving bestseller!
  3. ROSEHIP OIL: a staple in natural beauty, known for improving skin elasticity and firmness. But have you tried it on before makeup? If not, you should. It won’t leave your skin oily; it will make it perfectly dewy. Massage it onto your entire face for quick absorption. Apply it before the concealer and get a gleaming, healthy-looking finish around the eyes. And the foundation will guarantee gorgeous glowing skin.
  4. LIP CARE SERUM: a lip serum that should be carried with you year-round. It has high-moisturizing power and promotes a comforting sensation while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Apply it before adding lip color for filled in and hydrated lips. It can also be used over your lipstick for a gloss effect. Bonus tip: Apply on your eyelids for an extra dewy and glossy result!
  5. BIPHASIC BODY SKIN FLUID SPF50 (also soon to arrive in the US): Did you think our skin prep would stop on the face? This product is for the entire body. Apply it on your neck, chest, arms, or legs for radiant skin with a glowing effect, all without leaving it a thick or oily layer. The SPF50 will protect your skin from sunlight-induced harm. Plus, the Body Skin Fluid is humectant and nourishing and has antioxidants. Perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and refining its texture.


NYFW 5 SIMPLE ORGANIC SKINCARE ITEMS USED IN PATBO RUNWAYA long-standing partnership dating back to the New York Fashion Week 2021. At the time, the designer Patricia Bonaldi invited us to be responsible for beauty, making us the first Brazilian brand to do so at a NYFW runway show.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to repeat this partnership at New York Fashion Week SS24, which now included neutralizing the event’s CO2 emissions.

The whole event was stunning, and we couldn’t be prouder seeing all these Brazilian brands together in a major international event.


Prepping the skin is one of the most essential makeup steps, and here we offer you some key tips. Besides avoiding a dull or creasing look, it makes your makeup more durable. This preceding skincare regimen also helps protect the skin before it comes in contact with any makeup products without over-layering. And don’t forget, always remove your makeup when you get home, your skin thanks you!


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