Simple Organic featured on BOF

Simple Organic featured on BOF

We are here to share some very special news with you:We were the international cover for Business of Fashion's latest publishing, the main international vehicle for fashion and beauty!

summary of the publication:

"New wave of Brazilian Beauty Brands Go Global"

Skincare and make-up brands with innovative activities and with Millennial communication are on the rise in the Brazilian market. Some of these "B-Beauty" brands have great export potential.

With the increasing global demand for natural, vegan and sustainable products, these Brazilian brands are embarking on the clean beauty wave through their respective international market entries.

“At the beginning, Brazil represented a huge opportunity for us,” said Patricia Lima, founder of Simple Organic. “The clean market was so new that we felt that there was a lot of room for innovation.”

The brand has grown swiftly since its launch in 2017. Patricia reports that 2020 was their best year yet, as turnover rose by 300 percent year-over-year. The brand was recently acquired by a major player, Hypera Pharma, a backing which she is now planning to use to go international “with the same power that we have in Brazil.”

“The arrival of a clean beauty brand to a pharmacy is a sign that Brazilians’ behaviour is changing.”  Patrica Lima.

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Amazing, right?

We are very happy with the recognition! This is a great achievement for clean beauty, and we are more certain than ever that we are on the right track.  

Being on the cover of Business Of Fashion as one of the featured Brazilian brands is an unprecedented achievement for us, not only because we are digital natives, but also because unlike most of the market, we work with organic, natural, vegan and cruelty-free raw materials.

It is very rewarding to see our brand alongside so many special people in an article as relevant as the BOF. This shows us that the world is ready to embrace B-Beauty (Brazilian beauty) and we would like to thank YOU, our consumer,  for always helping us to open these doors! 

We thank you very much, and may this be just the beginning of a long, beautiful and clean journey to take Brazilian beauty to the whole world! 

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