The subject sustainability is much said in the business world. But do you really know what it means to be sustainable?

The concept of sustainability originated in Stockholm, Sweden, at the United Nations Conference on the Environment in June 1972 and drew the attention of countries around the world to environmental issues and pollution. 

Later, in 1992, Eco-92, the Conference on Environment and Development, took place in Rio de Janeiro. There, the concept of sustainable development was created; it started to preach a long-term development, without the exploitation of the planet's natural resources by human beings.  

In light of this, the "3 R's" of sustainability were created:

Reduce: It aims to decrease consumption in general. Thus, waste and residue production are also reduced.

Reuse: Consists in the reuse of products. In this pillar, we emphasize the importance of investing in durable, quality goods. Therefore, the useful life of products increases and the waste generated by their disposal is reduced. 

Recycling: Have you used up everything you had to use your product and it's time to throw it away? That's where recycling comes in. Its objective is to minimize the environmental impacts generated by the disposal of products. 

The 3Rs are of extreme necessity when it comes to building a sustainable lifestyle. Besides preaching these pillars at home, we, as a company, stress the need for corporate sustainability. Here at Simple Organic, we usually say that there is no planet B, and because of that, we make sure that all our production is made in a sustainable way. So that you and the next generations can enjoy a green, clean and healthy planet. 

And how does Simple Organic manifest its sustainable practices? We show you below:

We were born to be a brand of positive impact. Our eyes are always turned to the future and our responsibility to the next generations is among our priorities. We are sure that we can do a lot for the environment, the animals, and the chain of people involved in the production of our products. As a natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free and gender free brand, we believe in activism as a tool for transforming society.

The beauty industry has always worked with ingredients that we believe are not ideal to be in contact with our bodies. Therefore, it became our priority to deliver ingredients produced from organic agriculture. Our raw materials are organic and respect the soil, the nature's time, and, mainly, the health of those who consume them.  

When it comes to respecting animals, we are certified by PETA as a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand. Our product carries absolutely nothing of animal suffering. 

In 2019, we conquered the Zero Waste Certification, internationally recognized by ZWIA-Zero Waste International Alliance, which certifies Waste Management actions from the perspective of the Zero Waste Concept. We were the first brand (and only one so far) to win the certificate.

We are also the first beauty brand not to use boxes as secondary packaging (to reduce the volume of waste), we replaced them with sustainable fabric packaging. In addition, we have the Eu Reciclo label, which offsets 100% of the primary packaging commercialized, neutralizing the environmental impact. To learn more about our packaging policy click here.

Socially, we generate positive impact through different initiatives, from supporting the extractive community to donating products to health professionals. 

Sustainability is a complex, broad subject that needs a lot of love, involvement, and commitment to walk down this path. We know that we still have a lot to learn and to execute in the coming years, but everything we have accomplished in the last four years makes us very proud. All these achievements are the result of our community that, believing in natural beauty, finances all these actions that promote good.

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