Beyond the positive impact reached through sustainability and reverse logistic system, we from Simple Organic care a great deal about the implementation of social actions. From the support to the extractive community responsible for our organic raw material, to the donation of products to healthcare professionals, activism is imperative when we talk
about our brand’s stance.

Bellow we present the social projects supported by us.


Beraca is a company (one of our suppliers) that sells natural and organic ingredients, composed of actives extracted from the Amazon and other Brazilian biomes.

Our joint action takes place at a very dear community to us- the Anajás community – located in the Marajó Island. This is the region where part of our raw materials is extracted, in an organic and handmade manner.


A Little More About


Our role towards Community is based on two initial actions, which are being implemented due to our financial donations: - Construction of a biological sewage treatment system for the community. That way we will provide higher living quality and hygiene conditions for the region; - Digitalization of the cooperative through the donation of computers, so that they can work with a better structure to commercialize their products. Our mission, together with Beraca Institute, is to perform social transformation alongside those vulnerable communities, and through access to differentiated markets, activate local sustainable economies that ensure the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. We also have eyes for the continuity of cultural diversity, the rescue of human dignity impacted by the lack of resources, through investment in education and infrastructure for the cooperative that employs the local community.

Northeast Pará Women’s Movement fights violence against Amazonian women


Led by Rita Teixeira, NPWM operates in the northeast of Pará state aiming to strengthen the participation of women in the social and political life of the region, specially with the struggles for better life and work conditions of the rural population of Pará state, including quilombola communities.

The organization is well known for their important role fighting the violence against women. Whit our support, NPWM will
have more resources to intensify their work against domestic abuse, which rates have substantially increased during the pandemic. In addition, the qualification and income generation projects will also be strengthened, bringing financial autonomy and freedom to the women of the northeast of Pará state.



After the dreadful wildfires that happened in the Brazilian Pantanal in 2020, we chose to support the BLUE MACAW INSTITUTE. During a whole week from 23 to 30 November, every purchase done through our website or stores around the country reverted R$1,00 as a donation to this project. Led by women, its mission is to promote biodiversity conservation, seeking the rational use of resources and improvement of life quality. Aside from studying the biology and ecological relations of the great blue macaw, as well as managing and promoting the species conservation in its natural habitat, the Institute also supports reproductive biology studies of the red macaw, toucans, hawks, owls, the scrub duck, and other species the coexist with the blue macaw in the Brazilian Pantanal. Led by Professor and Dr. Neiva Guedes, renowned for her dedication and excellent results in her work regarding nature conservation, the project has been an inspiration source to many other research projects.

We feel it’s important to reiterate that when you consume, you support initiatives, and the social and environmental responsibilities of the chosen company. Each one of your choices generates impact in the world, be it positive or negative. Therefore, Simple prioritizes the support to institutions which really help transform society through sustainable and social activities.

Here your purchase has a purpose!