PETA vegan approved & Cruelty-free

The PETA approved vegan label is a certification that guarantees that our products are free of any animal ingredients. The Cruelty Free label certifies that our production processes do not include animal testing at any stage of the development and production process, directly or indirectly (outsourced), and that all product testing is done through technical procedures in laboratories, and not through animal testing. The institution focuses its attention on the four areas where the largest number of animals suffer most intensely during the longest periods: in the food industry, in the clothing trade, in laboratories, and in the entertainment industry.

Aided by research, PETA brings together members of the scientific, corporate and legislative communities around the world to achieve large-scale, long-term changes that improve the quality of life for animals and prevent their deaths. By choosing a vegan and cruelty free product you support animal welfare and the environment.

Peta's certifications for Simple Organic guarantee that:

1. The finished product, as well as its component ingredients, have not undergone animal testing at all stages of development by the company, its laboratories, factories or suppliers as of a defined date;

2. No animal testing was carried out after and during the certification process, and it monitors the manufacturing processes from the date the seal was issued;

3. They allow independent audits to be carried out by NGOs at any time;

4.Products only receive the seal if they are not tested on animals directly or indirectly (outsourced) and if they are free of any ingredients of animal origin.




Did you know that we were the first beauty brand to have the "Eu Reciclo" certification? Since 2017, we have 100% of our packaging recycled.

This environmental compensation system works through a platform that tracks the data from the recycling chain in Brazil. This platform certifies the work of the recycling cooperatives through invoices, to ensure that the recyclable materials are being correctly destined to the final recyclers.  

The data on the volume of products sold that year, which we pass on to the Eu Reciclo team, are calculated and used to offset the environmental footprint generated by packaging.

In addition to neutralizing the volume of packaging (not returned through the reverse logistics of our stores), this adds value to the service of the cooperatives and collectors, generating additional income for them and offering better working and living conditions.







In 2019, we conquered the Zero Waste Certification, internationally recognized by ZWIA-Zero Waste International Alliance, which attests Waste Management actions from the perspective of the Zero Waste Concept. We were the first brand (and only one so far) to win the certificate.