Pro-Aging, Well-Aging, And Anti-Aging? What are they and why does it matter?

Pro-Aging, Well-Aging, And Anti-Aging? What are they and why does it matter?

When talking about skincare, we often think of anti-aging cosmetics, which is such a 2000s expression. The prefix "anti", of Greek origin, means "opposite of". In that context, it gives the impression that a side needs to be chosen —  to be eternally young. But at what cost?

Below, we will check out and understand the concepts of pro-aging and well-aging and what is behind them.


The terms "pro-aging" and "well-aging" offer a new concept, contrary to the idea of combating our aging process. Among other things, they call for skincare and makeup products to serve as tools for positive aging, celebrating all stages of life.

Who first coined the term? It was British scientist and researcher Aubrey de Grey, who studies the aging process from a biological standpoint, also called biomedical gerontology. He is the author of The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging (1999) and Ending Aging (2007).


Pro-Aging, Well-Aging, and Anti-Aging? What Are They and Why Does It Matter?

Time passes, and our appearance naturally changes. That's how it goes from the moment we are born. Why, over the decades or more, were we led to believe we need to freeze a physical appearance in time? It's all a cultural matter.

In some areas of the world, old age and its signs represent knowledge, wisdom, and respect. It's the case in Japan and China, for example.

On the other hand, in Western culture, beauty is intertwined with youth. A factor that contributes to ageism. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows prejudice towards older people hinders the process of accepting old age. 


What if we saw turning 30, 40, or 50 years old as a checkpoint to a new phase to explore uncharted territory? Wouldn't that be a healthier and more cheerful approach?

You can find an example in the beauty world, where the concept of sustainability is relatively new. We used to have a picture in our heads of clean and sustainable products, often underappreciated and discredited. You see, reorganizing a new pattern is a challenge not only to people but to the beauty industry, too.

Simple was born precisely to democratize clean beauty through innovative and high-performance formulas. It's perfectly possible to be clean and vegan and offer quality products with sustainable values.

We are a brand that brings into the debate themes connected to our universe. After all, we are a lifestyle platform in addition to being a beauty brand.

Our products have been created to respect your skin, offering technology aligned with clean formulas. They are not pixie dust or come from the youth fountain. They simply invite you to have a moment of self-care at your own pace. Be it during your skincare or makeup routines, oral hygiene, haircare, or even with our soon-to-be-released dietary supplements. 


Having this in mind, we've prepared a few tips for your pro-aging and well-aging regimen — starting it perhaps by having introduced you to these terms above.

Pro-Aging, Well-Aging, and Anti-Aging? GABA SERUM
1.  GABA SERUM: a day and nighttime treatment that promotes a natural lifting effect. It also hydrates and works as an excellent prep for makeup. Recommended for all skin types, especially mature skin.
Pro-Aging, Well-Aging, and Anti-Aging? RETINOL-LIKE SERUM
2.  RETINOL-LIKE SERUM: A natural option to the widely known retinol, Retinol-Like has Bakuchiol as the active ingredient at a concentration of 1%. It is ideal for oily, acne-prone, and mature skin. It prevents fine lines, stimulates collagen production, and strengthens the skin's natural barrier
Pro-Aging, Well-Aging, and Anti-Aging? TIMELESS SKIN SERUM

3.  TIMELESS SKIN SERUM (soon available in the US): closing off the list, a product whose name synthesizes everything we're discussing about pro-aging. Timeless Serum has been formulated to take care of and treat mature skin. It promotes hydration and firmness, reduces and prevents the appearance of large pores, and has a high capacity to provide regeneration and repair


We can't generalize different skin. Each person has their own specificities and microbiome. A better age or better phase, good or bad skin, doesn't exist. There is only what we are and what we carry behind our lines, textures, and shapes. They deserve to be looked at with different eyes because our skin tells a story.

There are definitely other nomenclatures that we grew up hearing and repeating that can be replaced by more positive and real ones, just like pro-aging and well-aging are taking the place of anti-aging.

We at Simple honor this concept in our products and invite you to celebrate it in your daily life, too.


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