Manifest For The Ocean: A Letter By Our Founder

Manifest For The Ocean: A Letter By Our Founder

Let's consider something here, how many times have you helped the ocean? How many times were you able to take concrete action for marine life?

I am sure you've been impacted many times before by beautiful images of whales and dolphins swimming and jumping in the water. In Brazil, we've recently been privileged with such images in our seacoast. Everywhere, there are multiple viral posts online, with millions of likes for whales having fun in the oceans across the world. But how many people are aware and concerned with the dangers these animals face while they swim through our waters? How many of us know, for a fact, what exists at the bottom of our coastlines and how it affects marine species' lives? From now on, we will see us talking extensively about this subject, because we want you to join us in one of our latest projects.

In August, together with the NGO Sea Shepherd Brazil, we started partaking in a massive removal of fishing nets from the bottom of the ocean, as well as bringing the world’s greatest specialists to train Brazilian divers, who will now train more professionals, creating a net of divers for good. The project is ample, beautiful, and with an enormous impact. I will leave the link HERE so that you can read more about the project Rede contra Redes [Net against (fishing) Nets].

I am encouraging you to reflect on our role as a community. After all, we form a massive family and should use our collective power to make a difference. It was never solely about skincare or makeup, it was always about generating a positive impact. That’s why we are here together, don’t you agree? Offering high-performance products with clean formulas and incredible clinical results is what we do every day. But we hope to go much further; we want to build a better future by democratizing sustainable beauty.

We constantly question how to engage - even more - our community in such exciting initiatives like this, and generating financial accessibility is super important since our number of customers increases immensely during those days.

Our idea was to take the cause to the largest number of people possible and finance the effort to save numerous marine animals from human-caused pollution. We carried out this action during the biggest whale season ever seen in the Brazilian seacoast. In addition to them, many other marine species will benefit from the waste removal.

Last month, by acquiring Simple Organic products in Brazil, besides getting relevant discounts, people knew that they are involved in a special and unprecedented project. We strongly believe in the power of conscious consumption, when purchasing can be a revolutionary act. We can choose the world we want to finance.

I am very proud to see that Simple has become a huge platform for doing good, promoting initiatives that help the planet. We are a tool for a positive impact for those who are part of our community. We have done this every day since we were founded. After all, our history started with a sustainable product, from the raw material, traceable supply chain, and concern for extractive communities to recycling cooperatives, among many other efforts.

Again, I want to thank Sea Shepherd Brazil for opening their doors to this partnership, believing that together we could make a difference.

And thank you for being part of this community. We are building a new chapter of sustainable beauty in Brazil and, hopefully, the world.

XO, Pati Lima.

Founder and CEO.

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